Akkerman Inks Soundboard (http://akkerman.raveesh.io/)

A quick little soundboard showcasing how to pronounce the Akkerman ink names.

As an avid listener of The Pen Addict Podcast; I came across this video by Gerard Zonjee about the pronunciation of Akkerman Inks.

I wanted to make a sound board of the words. So with Gerard’s permission I made the Akkerman inks soundboard. It a simple showcase of all the Akkerman inks that you can buy and how to say the names properly!

So how did I make it:

Parts required


  1. Download the video: I have been a happy user of youtube-dl. That’s what I used to quickly grab the video.
  2. Pull out individual clips: I used Audacity to pull out individual clips from the video.
  3. Design out the layout: I quickly prototyped the UI for the webpage on paper. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it :/.
  4. Hook everything up: So once all the pieces were ready to go, I just had to hook everything up. Bootstrap and SoundManager library made it a piece of cake!